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~Chance's Favorite Things~



This is page is so Chance's family and friends can comment on his favorite times and things.  Enjoy!  And Thank You!

Mom April 29, 2009
Chance's favorite music was country and his favorite radio station was 93.7
Mom April 25, 2009
Chance loved talking on the phone more than a 16 year old girl. 
Mom March 19, 2009
Favorite X-Box Game
Anything Madden Sports
Mom February 19, 2009
Chance's favorite cologne was Aramis.  And anyone that knew Chance, then you know he was obsessed with smelling good all the time.  LOL  He kept cologne in his car, in his backpack, in his locker at school, in his locker at work.  When packing up his things, I have many bottles he had left laying around from his car, from his belongings at work, from his room, in his shaving bag, and in other misc boxes etc.  We could not help but laugh, even though it was so sad.
Mom January 9, 2009

Chance LOVED to fish.  He fished as much as possible and if he could daily he did, and he did at least twice a week and sometime 3-4 times.  He loved to find backwoods ponds and fish.  He loved the quiet and the sereness of it instead of being on a lake in a boat.  I was glad he fished the Thursday before he passed.  I know it sounds crazy, but a few hours after I found out he died, the thought went through my mind "I am so glad he got to fish".


One of his friends hung a fishing lure from the tree at his grave in memory of his love for fishing.

Mom December 10, 2008
Dress Up
He loved to getting dressed up in a suit
Mom November 23, 2008
Chance loved, and I mean loved, milk.  He would drink a gallon a day.  And he watched the refrigerator for low milk...LOL
Mom November 23, 2008

Chance loved peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

Mom October 14, 2008
His favorite hobby was to fish.  He fished at least once and sometimes twice a week.  He had fished Thursday evening before he passed.  Glad he had that opportunity!
Mom September 26, 2008
Baseball Cards.....loved them and had lots of them
Mom September 8, 2008
Love of his life:   Harlie and Lukas, his neice and nephew. 
MiMi & PaPa August 30, 2008

Food: Pizza, hot wings, chicken casserole, and Candy


Mom August 27, 2008
Vegetable:  Fried Okra
Sister August 27, 2008

His neice and nephew! Harlie and Lukas are one of many of his favorite things.


He liked taking things apart and trying to put them back together correctly. (my stuff usually haha)


He always liked people around him at all times he was not one to stay at home alone.


He liked water, beaches, lakes, Splashtown, pools


He enjoyed, four wheelers, dirt bikes, riding lawn mowers ;) he knows what I am talking about. Generally anything with being outside.

Mom August 17, 2008

Sport:  Baseball


Mom August 13, 2008

I will start with a few of Chance's favorite things, and add a new one weekly.


Color:  Blue

Dessert:  Apple Crumble Pie

Flower:  Blue Bonnets

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