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This guestbook has been created on December 12, 2008.  It would be greatly appreciated if visitor's would sign this page with the following:



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Thank you....

Lindsay Bryan (Welch) March 23, 2014
miss you Chance!
I went to Meyer Elementary with Chance and so did my husband, Derrick. We all 3 lived in the same apt complex and all of the memories I have are precious but a funny story....we were probably in like 4th grade and we were at recess, there was this tiny creek with a huge nasty dead catfish in it and he thought it would be funny to chase all his friends with it then he threw it at me and it splatted on my pants and i stunk like fish all day! He was my childhood best friend and i have many memories. His death could have been prevented. He is truly missed. 2 Waylon November 14, 2013
Big Hugs and much Love always!!!!
Robert Cordell November 12, 2012
 So sorry for your loss. You have created such a Great Memorial to Honor this Young Man. Rest in Peace Chance.
May God Bless You and Your Family!
Olusegun Falaye July 19, 2012
The day we were born

It might be least expected from a birthday mate to sign a memorial guestbook/condolence register rather than celebrating a birthday, but this is of my own volition.  Today is significant because I was born on July 19th , 1982 at the University College Hospital, Ibadan.  Although, Chance and I grew up on different continents, his early departure from this world is my greatest regret. I have learnt a great deal from his life and the circumstances surrounding his departure. I have also chosen to dedicate my life to touching lives positively as much as I can while still alive. My heartfelt condolences and prayers go to his family.

Darlene Gleffe March 22, 2012
Advocate for cell free driving
It is humbling and an honor to sign this guest book..Such a beautiful memorial..His insight is a gift from above..........................Sunshine fades and shadows fall, But sweet rememberance out last us all...
AlsoPollyanna March 22, 2012
3/22/12 I was asked 2 Sign Guestbook
image While attending this year's Remember Chance Wilcox - Light a Candle, I stopped by 2 view the web site by starting @ Papa's Tribute, & was asked 2 Sign the Guestbook while here.  Papa's Tribute is SO-O-O touching; I will probably always remember it.

I "Like" how this memorial site works hard 2 END Distracted Driving - specifically cell phone use!

I M a volunteer advocate of road safety & offer:

Turn Off Cell B/4 Driving! 750 FREE safety reminder stickers 4 cells &/or drivers' visors &/or 2 WEAR &/or Share 2 Print on Avery 5260 labels @ 

2nd pdf @ site yields 30 site directions/ 8.5x11 sheet of paper; others can get their own 750!  IF each site visitor Printed 750 stickers, THEN 939,000 stickers R already in use around the world!!

PLS Turn Off Cell B/4 Driving!  STAY SAFE!!

Diana Johnson
Stillwater, MN  55082-5231

Kris Eagleton September 3, 2011
Cindy Oliva March 1, 2011
image  *.....*....*.мємσяιєѕ.*....*....*
I hope you don't forget me
Now you are so far away
For i know that i wont
I think about you every day
I have the sweetest memories
Each one now like a dream
Those times when i was happy
Now all i want to do is scream
Plans we made together
I cant do them without you
You played a big part in my life
Now lost and lonely without you
I leave messages and poems
Its the only thing that i can do
Until we join at Heavens Gates
I have sweet memories of you♥

Brandy Swann February 13, 2011
Hey Bud...I know you know where I am...please stay with me...its been almost a year here...its almost done...we are headed out on a convoy today...stay with me...I see you in my dreams...I look to the stars and see you every night...stay with me brother I need you right now...I love you and I will see you tonight
Cathy Dogherty February 4, 2011
My heartfelt sympathy to you and your family. May you find peace and comfort knowing you will be together again. God Bless you and your loved ones
Teri Lehigh January 30, 2011
You are In My Thoughts & Prayers

I am so sorry for your loss, I was on my friend Cherri Miller's fb page and came across your website.  I will keep your family in my prayers as I do Cherri's forever more.  May God bless your family.


Cari Skorheim November 11, 2010
I am from Spring Tx. I saw the highway sign, and I wanted to read about Chance. I am SO sorry for your loss. He was a very handsome guy! Take comfort in knowing that he is in a wonderful place, and you will see him again one day. Every time I see his sign or cross, I will say a prayer for you.
Cindy October 26, 2010
Smiling Down You make it so hard on yourself But theres nobody else That could ever understand The feelings that you felt I could hear you think about All the time I was around If you could only see me now I'm right here looking down So next time that you feel like crying Next time you don't feel like trying Just remember I'll be right there Smiling down on you In the morning you don't feel like rising Next time you feel like compromising Just remember I'll be right there Smiling down on you I know you won't forget All the time we got to spend Just because it's been a while Doesn't mean that its the end So right here and now I'll swear you a vow That I will always be with you Whenever you feel down Nothing ever will come between us Now I'm holding on to the hand of Jesus So next time that you feel like crying Next time you don't feel like trying Just remember I'll be right there Smiling down on you In the morning you don't feel like rising Next time you feel like compromising Just remember I'll be right there Smiling down on you I'll be right there looking down Even when the shine don't shine I'll be right there looking down All along the winter night I'll be right there looking down With a smile on me face I'll be right there with my arms open wide Right here on Jesus' side So next time that you feel like crying Next time you don't feel like trying Just remember I'll be right there Smiling down on you In the morning you don't feel like rising Next time you feel like compromising Just remember I'll be right there Smiling down on you
Nancy October 12, 2010
Thinking of You All
image I too, know the pain. My son, Jeff 25 yrs, was murdered in a home invasion on April 9, 2008 in Kansas City, Kansas. This crime is still unsolved. Jeff was the oldest of four children. His brother, just 18 months younger and his twin sisters (only 15 yrs old) when they lost their brother. Your site is truly a wonderful memorial for Chance and has helped me today as I visited every family picture and read every poem.  God Bless you and your family. And one day we will all be together again.
nancy July 11, 2010
Bobby's mom
My son, died march 21, 2010.  Car accident.  Swerved to avoid a deer and fawn.  I know your pain, and thank you for the website. god bless.  from a broken heart to yours. 
Bill Sprague July 8, 2010
I am deeply sorry for your loss. I know Chance will always be remembered and missed very much.
berislav,SPLIT,CROATIA May 1, 2010
"dragan-jovic" s dad

Hello, moje ime je Berislav Jovic- pregledao sam stranicu vašeg sina Chance , jako mi je žao zbog gubitka... I sam sam izgubio sina( u automobilskoj nezgodi(prevrtanje) u dobi od nepune 24 godine,i to je najteže šta se može desiti roditeljima..Želim se upisati u vašu “ guest book”i izraziti žaljenje zbog gubitka vašega sina.  Počivao u miru... Moje molitve upućujem njemu i njegovoj cijenjenoj obitelji..

berislav May 1, 2010
"dragan-jovic" s dad

Hello, My name is Berislav Jovic- and I came across your Son's Site ( and I'm so sorry for your loss...I myself have lost son in a car accident ( roll over ) at the age 24, and it's he hardest thing that any parent can bare... I wanted to sign his guest book and tell you that Iam so sorry for your loss..May He Rest In Peace...My prayers are with you and your precious family...

Kimberly Golinski April 7, 2010
To Chance's loved ones, My heart goes to you. There are not enough words to express my sympathy. I will keep Chance and your family in my thoughts. Rest peacefully sweet angel. Respectfully, Kim
Jessica January 21, 2010
Jeff's Sister

My heart goes out to your family.  I lost my brother 5 years ago to a motorcycle accident.  He was 26 when he joined the angels.  I just try to keep all of my precious memories alive and know that I will see his smiling face again one day.  Your website is wonderful.  I have set up a facebook page to honor my brother but you have inspired me to make him a memory page-it is just beautiful.

Pleasant Hill, MO

Tressa Housley October 27, 2009

Chance has been on my mind more than usual for the last few days.  I was thinking about the time that Chance called  Terrell to come and pick him up in Austin when ya'll were doing some benefit.  Terrell didn't hesitate...he said Mom I gotta go...and off he went.  They truly were brothers  This tragedy changed him...for awhile he struggled with it...but he got a grip on life and has finally moved on.  He was struggling with passing his run to finish his naval training but after the trial was over...he passed it on the first try.  I think Chance was running for him.  I pray for you guys every day and hope that your hearts will heal.  I lost my brother when I was 26, he was 28 (he and I weren't on speaking terms when he died).  It took me many years to come to grips with it and I watched my Mom suffer through the pain of losing a child.  Time will ease the pain.  God Bless You All.

Codi October 8, 2009
Just wanting to say hello
I havent spoken with Chance since maybe a couple of years out of Oak. I regret not keeping in touch. Chance was the type of friend though that didn't care how long it had been. I go to see him now every time I get the chance. It's just so peaceful being out there. It's like Chance is standing there right next to you. His family has done such a beautiful job making his final resting place a place that Chance would be proud of. God bless.
J. Gutierreez October 7, 2009
In My Prayers...

I lost my dad 5 momths, 1 week and 2 days ago. He left this world so fast and without warning. Losing a loved one this way can only make u feel like he was "stolen" from you. You didnt have that last hug, a kiss, or the sound of thier voice echo through ur ears. You don't get to say goodbye, and the best words u can tell them.. is "I love you!". All this gets taken away. Leaving the family with so much hurt and pain, that only time can "help ease" the pain. Honeslty, i don't think it will ever go away. Living in thier memory and remembering all the great times shared is whats left to hold on to. Looking at old family photos and crying because you REMEMBER! Sweet sorrow is what i say. My Heart and Prayers will be with Your Loving Family Chance. May God Comfort them in this time of need.

ps) for Chances Mom... I do not know you, but i feel how much u love ur son,you did a Wonderful job with this website.  Keep ur head up and smile...because he lived!! God Bless You Beautiful Lady!


angie October 5, 2009
praying for you

i just read about Chance's accident in the news.  Chance was obviously a great guy.  i am praying for your continued healing.  your website is nice.


God bless,



peggy chabaud October 4, 2009
Dear Chance, you're loved more than you might know. I have a son who is everything to me.  I also have two daughters that are everything to me. Your Mom loves and misses you so much, she feels so much pain.  Help her heal and feel your peace. She's at a crossroad and I'm worried about her. She's so  lost.  Her life has far to go. Send her on her way, bless her while she's still on Earth; her time here is not finished. God speed. Another Mommy.
Honeida October 4, 2009
I wondered about you!

I wondered about you... because I pass by your cross at least once a week.  I live in Spring and pass it on the way to work.  I always wondered what happened to you.  And today your story was on the news and I came across this beautiful webstie, I think your mom made for you. 

You and your family are in my prayers.  I have asked my hubby not to text and I will not text while we drive!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mom...I lost 2 babies that I never met, I know that you are so grateful for the 25 years that you had with Chance.  You were so lucky that GOD choose you to be "Chance's mom".

I have a beautiful 6yr old daughter and a 5month baby boy now, we are so lucky to be moms!

Know... that I would pray that GOD had you in HIS glory before today just because I would drive by your cross.  And now that I know a small part about your beautiful story I will always pray for you when I pass the cross!!!!!

Hope to maybe meet you one day because we lived in Spring, Texas!


Chris Dudley August 3, 2009
I went to school with Chance, and coming from someone who lost their brother in a car accident I feel for your entire family. My thoughts and prayers go out to you.
Janis McDowell July 9, 2009
Janis McDowell
Hey Chance! I had been trying to find you since I moved back to Texas. Well I found out tonight on the news what happened. God, I haven't talked to you in a LONG time. See you the next time...
Nanci Hulchiy June 1, 2009
Mom of Son Killed by Aggressive Driver

As the mother of a son that was run down and killed by someone driving crazy, I feel your pain.  My son Travis Bestwick was killed on June 22, 2008 in Kenosha, WI he was also 25 yrs old. 


Chance had a very sweet smile and I'm sure you love & miss him as I do my Travis.  Not many people can understand this pain, execpt those that have lost a child at someone elses hands. 


Your family will be in my thoughts and know that you are doing an awesome thing with S.A.D and P.A R. A.  I will have to look those sites up soon.




Mom April 27, 2009
New pic of Mia 5 mo

Hi Chance,


Mom is adding a new picture of Mia 5 months old now.  You would have loved her so much.  I miss how much fun you would have had with her.  I think all the time about going upstairs to put her in bed with you to wake you up and only reminded you are not there.


Love you and miss you......

Andrea Basse April 6, 2009
Lost someone same month as chance

Im very sorry You had to lose Chance so early.  Im a paramedic and lost my husband the same month that chance was killed.  He was 25 also.  You are doing a great thing by bringing awareness to aggressive driving.  It needs to stop and people need to be accountable.  Id like someone from the family to email me where the S.A.D. site is , I am unable to find it.  Im adding a photo i found of My husband robb and our daughter, who i couldnt have made it through this without her.  Andrea Basse

Melissa Scatto April 3, 2009
Another Angel's Mom...

Hello, My name is Melissa Scatto- and I came across your Son's Site and I'm so sorry for your loss...I myself have lost 3 babies and it's the hardest thing that any mother can bare...I also have lost a Nephew in a car accident ( roll over ) at the age 15..I wanted to sign his guest book and tell you that Iam so sorry for your loss..May He Rest In Peace...My prayers are with you and your family...

Melissa Scatto

Tucson, Az

Here are my children's site and my Nephew..

Teresa Jacobs March 30, 2009
Mom to Angel Justin Lindley

My heartfelt sympathy to you and your family.  I also lost a son, Justin Lindley, about Chance's age in July.  I miss him every moment of every day.  He is my first thought of the day and the last.  Keeping your family in my prayers.



Teresa Jacobs

Sherwood, Arkansas


Candi Sluder March 25, 2009

Well it's been a year today that you were taken from your family and friends. I still can't wrap my head around it. I  have stayed in contact with your Mom - she is such and amazing person!!! She loves and cares about you sooo much! I know you are watching over all of us, I just wish that you could still be here with us! You are loved and remembered by so many. You will never ever be forgotten! It's kind of funny how history repeats itself and much like a year ago today, it was raining off and on....Guess that's your way of letting us know you are still here with us!

*Candi Sluder

Stephen Fletcher March 6, 2009
We share the same sky

Thank you for sharing this tribute.  Lyrics to one of my inspirational song:


Before you walk away

There's things we need to say

We love you - as you step into the light

Now be on your way

We'll be seeing you some day

As we heed the call and



Teresa Rice February 12, 2009
Someone Who Cares
Today is Thursday, February 12, 2009, and I'm viewing this beautiful website because of the link Chance's mother added in her comment about a car accident last night in Houston -- the one involving the Mustang and the 18-wheeler.  Just want to let you know what a wonderful and beautiful tribute the site is to Chance, it speaks volumes about him as a person.  I feel like I knew him -- and am sorry I didn't.  May this site touch the lives of others in the way Chance would've wanted it to.  I may be a stranger to your family in a physical sense, but please know that in my heart you hold a special place, and my heart aches for your loss.  To Chance's grandfather -- your story about the Rose is truly an inspiration.
Rogers mom February 5, 2009
Love and prayers

                                                Thinking of you and your family   

I am a mother that lost a son in june 2008 the relatioship i have had with you on our sons sites has shaved my life we share a bond only we can understand. i am so sorry about your son Chance he is a special angel that i will never forget.i want to send you all my love and prayers,and thank you for all the respect you have given me and my son .god be with you and keep you.      

MiMi & Papa December 20, 2008

Even though your not with us this Christmas you are in our thoughts. Remember Christmas's past.

We have such cherised memories. We donated to a charity and the church in your name, our

gift to you. We will visit you today.Sad your not here with us but know you are under God's wings and your Christmas will be joyous forever in a day. Hug all our loved ones there with you and sing lots of songs. Love you forever.

Cathy Giraud~Mom of David December 16, 2008
Keeping you & yours in my Prayers




Debi Collins December 13, 2008
Angel Andrew's Momma

I am so sorry that it's been so long since I visited this memorial. Thank you for taking the time to light a candle for Andrew.

This first Christmas, I'm sure, is one that won't likely be forgotton. In fact, that entire first year is one that I look back on and question how I made it through each day. I don't remember specific holidays and entire months seem to have simply never occurred. I suppose in my case, it was a sense of denial or perhaps even shock, but the true test for me, was the second year. (Andrew died 3 years and 5 months ago) That was when I knew that he was gone and that my anger, denial, fear, pain and need to bargain with God simply were not positive things in my life. I also began to accept the void that I still hold in my heart, and I found myself speaking very openly about Andrew. I don't want him to be forgotton but I also know now, that God needed him more than I did. That still doesn't always make sense to me, but I truly do try to comprehend the status of life and death and eternal life.

Each time I look at the pictures of Chance and read his story, I feel so much pain for you, his family. He is such a handsome young man, almost striking. It's sad to learn of such innocent lives that are abruptly brought to an end secondary to alcohol, drugs and/or careflessness. One snap decision and a life is gone.

I aplogize for the length of my text; I have a tendency to get trigger happy on the computer when I'm feeling the need to express myself.

You are all in my thoughts and prayers, especially during this special time of year. May God ease your pain as you wait for wonderful signs from Chance in Heaven. He is superb and in time, you will realize that. For now, I offer my condolences and wishes for a very safe holiday season.

Debi Collins                       

MiMi & Papa December 13, 2008

Chance was our Grandson whom we loved very much and miss so much. A void has been

left in our lives  since his tragic death. The sad thing is that it was a preventable death, in

a blink of an eye he was gone because of a wreckless driver. We have one thing to be

greatful for, he was happy and was glad to be coming home. He and & friend had

been on a short trip had had a good time but was glad to be back.  So many things could be

added to this message to convey our loss and our ongoing love for him but at a later time we

will be able to accept our loss.


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