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Sister 10/23/2009
They say that time heals all wounds but all it’s done so far is give me more 
time to think about how much I miss you.
Katherine Mulkey

I know that you can't read this, or maybe you can. . . Who knows.  I just want to say that I'm sorry for not reaching out and trying to be your friend before you left and I'm sorry that I didn't know of this tragedy until recently.  My heart goes out to your family. I just want you to know that.

Melissa Scatto~ Mom to the Scatto Kids..

MiMi & PaPa
Have thoughts of you every day. Something will happen and I  can hear you say it's OK.We found a dime this week end. I cry a million tears in my heart for you each day but the blessing is you are happy and at peace. I know your've made new friends and all of them love you as we do. I think of our talks and cherish them.You were my pal, even though you were my grandson. I worried about you like a mother hen and know at times you wished I had not but I wanted you safe. Your safe now and I know God has a plan for you. You touched so many lives. Thank you for being such a loving and caring Grandson and will love you forever.
The Twin's & Micheal's Mommy( Scatto )
Mom - May 2, 2009

They say there are no tears in Heaven,
But that must be wrong today.
Because you took part of my broken heart,
When you went away.
I know my tears must have followed you,
How else can it be?
My Spirit feels broken,
‘Cause you are no longer here with me.
I cried to the Heavens, my tears fell like rain.
So, I know my tears must be in Heaven,
Things will never be the same.
They say someday I will accept your passing,
But, right now that can’t be true,
Because part of me is in Heaven,
My tears..... followed you....

I MISS YOU......Love, Mom

                                                     Speak His Name
Don’t be afraid to speak his name,
I know things aren’t the same.
He lives in my heart, soul and mind,
It’s a kind of peace I find.
You and I have memories we share,
Don’t hide them, it’s not fair.
So don’t let silence become a game,
That would be such a shame.
I love it when we reminisce,
The days that I still miss.
Don’t be afraid that I might cry,
Don’t make me say good-bye.
When we talk about the past,
It helps make the memories last.
So be my friend so dear,
End the silence that I fear!
You will NEVER be forgotten and your memories are a precious gift! 
I love you, Mom
MiMi & PaPa
Think of you every day.Wishing you were here will never end but we know you are happy where you are and carefree. I think I some of the things you did when you were little and laugh.You were so cute and sweet. You remained that way, with some exceptions,ha, all your life.We loved you and so proud you were our grandson. Play ball and thanks for all the memories.
Sister 4/28/2009
Last night Harlie was laying with me in the bed and I was looking at her from upside down and that made me remember when we were little it was raining or we were grounded we would be so bored and nothing to do so we would go in the room and one would lay on the floor with their head to  the bed and the other one would lay on the bed looking down and we would laugh forever because of the way our mouth looked when we talked it looked just like a shark and we would think that was so funny. Harlie did that last night and laughed sooo hard. We had a bad storm so it helped relieve her fear so thank you for being there!! We miss you.

Wishing you a Happy Easter in Heaven!  Love you, Mom

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