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Chelsea Stormes

I  lost touch with Chance when I graduated and moved off to college, and Im so upset to hear the news, with no good bye. We havent spoken in years but the many Friday nights  at the skating rink and all the summer days we spent at Splashtown, Rocking Rodeo  and rankin rd will always be with me. God bless  your family, and may the Lord be with them. Once again, Ill see you when I get there.

Your Mom

My memories of you began 25 years, 8 months and 5 days ago at 2:17 pm, and the most beautiful big baby boy made his arrival to his anxiously awaiting mother.  You were the sweetest little blonde hair, blue eyed boy with a smile as an extra accessory.  You have made me smile since that day and given me so much joy and boy have we have some fun.  We have had some rough times to but that is what made Chance Wayne Wilcox, Chance Wayne Wilcox and I don't regret one minute of any day.  You have remained that sweet, giving little boy even as a grown man.  My heart is broken beyond repair.  I will talk to you everyday and I hope you are listening.  I will again see you some day and hope you are standing there waiting and laughing as you always have and greet me so we can pickup where we left off.  I love you and will miss you every second of every day.


I LOVE YOU MORE THAN LIFE..........Your Loving Mom!!!!!




Chance was a great person and by far a very loyal friend we grew up together.We had soooo many memories  to list but by far the best would have to be CHOIR POP SHOW singing ON BENDED KNEE !!!! He was just one of those guys that every body loved to be around. The best time we ever had together was going to his Aunt's ranch those were the good old days.  

I will miss you brother and you will always be in our hearts!!!!!!!

aunt missy

Chance was a beautiful boy when he was born! He had the most beautiful eyes, and such a sweet boy. I took Chance and Amber and my other nieces to see the Singing Christmas tree at Second Baptist and his eyes were as big as saucers. He got the name Uncle Sister because of my son, Jonathan, called him that. It stuck and Harlie calls him Uncle Sister even today.. Chance spent many summers with us. and he loved his cousin Jon and his family. I am blessed to have been a part of his precious life. Chance, I know you are in heaven singing>>and playing baseball. hitting home runs. I love you,, God is a good and I know that you are with the Angels, many Angels..You were a precious blessing to all of us... I love you.



Shelly, Butch,and Amber I am so sorry for for yall's loss i will say a prayer for yall .

  Lisa Miller Fry

Sheri Sluder

Well one of my favorite memories of Chance was when Jeff & I got married and in the back ground you can here dad (Papa Pickle) yell out "Chance - get back up here - a snake will bit your leg off!" I can just see Chance running back just like Papa had said and I can just see his little face.  He was always so damn cute.  Even though it had been a while since I had seen him - he always knew that he could call me and I would be there for him.  I will miss you Chance!!!


Aunt Sheri

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